My Torah, My History, My Heroes


Wigs in ancient egypt

Wigs in ancient egypt


Ages: Year 5 and 6 girls

Suitable for: Synagogue school or youth movement

Topics: Non Curricula Based

Based: Synagogue or youth centre

Timeframe: 20×40 minutes sesson AND 2 museum visits




How does your community involve your pre-Bat Mitzvah girls? LooktoLearn is thrilled to introduce a highly innovative and interactive year long programme specially designed for year 5 and 6 girls. This programme was first run for Finchley United Synagogue’s Sister Squad. The twenty sessions consist of  three themes;

My Torah: an in-depth exploration of the Torah as sacred object

My History: a totally innovative investigation in to Jewish History via one of hairstyling, clothing, make-up or shoes

My Heroes: a family fortunes style gameshow workshop looking at the key qualities of some interesting female historical personalities.

Each unit is concluded with a mini-siyum where the girls present their findings and discoveries to their families. The full package includes all materials, license and training for educators.

To get a taster of one aspect, find out about Ancient Egyptian Wigs here.


How to Book: contact us using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170



 I love going to sister squad. So far we have learnt everything you need to know about the Torah from its history, how it looks, how we read from it, the difference between an ashkenzi and sefardi Torah  and more. We have also looked at different religions attitudes to hair and we’ve learnt about famous people in Nach who are gifted with amazing hair from Hashem. Nic makes everything come alive in our thirty minute sessions. I really look forward to sister squad. It’s become one of my highlights of Shabbat. I’ve learnt lots in a fun and enjoyable way. Nic is a very skilled teacher. I’d really recommend sister squad.

-Noa Levy, Aged 10




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