Museum Experience

Looktotolearn provides experiences for your school, Cheder or group based on applying Jewish studies to the National Curriculum.

These museum experiences are based around three sections, textual analysis, art/object exploration and finally hands on reflective art making.

These experiences can take place at your institution, a museum or gallery, or both. All school sessions last at least half a day.

To find out more or to book sessions for your organisation contact us using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170


Follow the links below to find out more about the sessions that we provide.


Ancient Egypt and the Exodus 

Explore Ancient Egypt and the Exodus from Egypt through Torah text, objects and drama.


Wallace Collection

Biblical Narratives

Explore biblical stories through text and art.


Brachot Portrait

Brachot Potraits

Investigate healthy eating, the science of fruit and vegetables and the food based brachot.



Creation and Evolution

The question of creation and evolution is addressed in this highly innovative programme.



Heroes and Chanukah (New for 2014!)

Explore Ancient Greece and the origins of the Chanukah narrative through Torah text, prayer, objects and drama.


Joseph, Families and the Woven Coat (in conjunction with The Wallace Collection)

Explore and delve in to the dramatic events surrounding Joseph and his brothers.


Shivat Ha Minim Landscapes

Investigate the modern Israeli agricultural landscape and its connection to the biblical references of the Seven Species.




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