Joseph, Families and the Woven Coat

Wallace Collection


Run in Conjunction with The Wallace Collection

A Family Collection | A National Museum | An International Treasure House



Ages: Key Stage – Key stage 2

Suitable for: Schools and Chedarim

Topics: PSHC and Design & Technology - Chumash

Based:   School and Museum/Armories based

Timeframe: 2 half-day sessions

Explore and delve in to the dramatic events surrounding Joseph and his brothers. This programme is run in conjunction with The Wallace Collection  and is best based either there or at a museum with an armory collection. Via close analysis of Torah text, commentaries, paintings and armory, students make their own judgements regarding Joseph and his brothers. To complete the programme, an innovative art workshop using plarn is offered in the museum’s in house art studio. To get a taster of what plarn is click here


How to Book: contact us using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170



Abigail Stanton


Student post visit write up by Abigail Stanton



Bradley Stanton


Student post visit write up by Bradley Stanton



Jamie Bloomberg


Report of Wallace Collection Visit by Jamie Bloomberg



Nathan Kabel


Student post visit write up by Nathan Kabel





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