LooktoLearn provides a wide range of Teachers’ Training opportunities and School INESTs specialising on integrated education methods. With the implementation of the 2014 curriculum coming this academic year, LooktoLearn can help you make the most of its creative opportunities.

With an increase need to innovate and update your curriculum, LooktoLearn provides a wide range of CPD. Via INSET days and twilight sessions we specialise in integrating RE/Jewish Studies and the New 2014 Curriculum. We work with teacher training institutes, SLT and individual teachers to meet your unique requirements.


Just a quick thank you for today… you are a star!! I think the students really enjoyed and learnt a lot from your session – it was very obvious to me when I came in for a few minutes. There was such a buzz.

-Esther Coleman, Education Consultant


All consultancy runs over a minimum of three sessions. Contact us for more information using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170

Follow the links below to find out more about some of the recent INSETs run by LooktoLearn.


Creation and Evolution

To assist Teachers with teaching how Judaism addresses the age of the universe and evolution.


2013-04-30 13.36.54Looking and Learning (first level)

An innovative opportunity to help you plan and deliver a more fluid and holistic curriculum.


Oseh Lecha Rav

Exploring how we learn, who our teachers are and how it can help us with learning and teaching.


Our Peoplehood

The exploration of a detailed timeline of events that impacted Jewish and historical lives, allowing teachers to plan integrated projects.


using artUsing Art and illustrations to integrate subjects

Enabling teachers to gain confidence in fusing art with other subjects, in an integrated curricula.




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