Heroes and Chanukah (New for 2014!)


Antiochus IV Epiphanes, 175-164 BC, Seleucid Kingdom, Greek Syria. Bronze drachm. Radiate bust of Antiochus rt. / Eagle standing on thunder-bolt rt., Greek inscription around

Ages: Key Stage 2

Suitable for: schools, chedarim, synagogue and family groups

Topics: History and Art - Chagim and Jewish History

Based: School and/or museum wth an Ancient Greek collection

Timeframe: 3 Sessions

Explore Ancient Greece and the origins of the Chanukah narrative through Torah text, prayer, objects and drama. This programme can be based either all at school or both at school and at a museum with Ancient Greek artefacts. Commencing with the investigation of some surprising Greek innovations and discoveries for example a baby’s potty, we question why life for the Jews at the time of Chanukah went rather pear shaped as they started adopting a more Greek lifestyle. This session concludes with the children having an opportunity to make there own ancient coins. Ideally run before Chanukah, this trip is suitable for key stage 2 and links with the 2014 History National Curriculum. To hear more about one of our key personalities click here.


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