Curriculum Development


Is your school or community celebrating a special occasion?

Do you struggle to involve family learning opportunities?


We will work alongside you and your school to create a meaningful learning experience. This could be be a one off lesson or a whole school year long celebration of learning.


To find out how we can work together contact us using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170


Follow the links below, to discover some of the programme already available through LooktoLearn.


Madrigot (in partnership with LSJS)

Explore Jewish texts on Limmud and Lashon through our intensive Beit Midrash Programme.


Middot Projects

Using Middot as the core theme, this open ended project enables school’s to embed an in-depth study of Mishnah through art and PSHCE.


Wigs in ancient egypt

My Torah, My History, My Heroes

A programme to involve pre-Bat Mitzvah girls into your community.



US Tribe

Informal Jewish Education pack on some of the lesser known Jewish calendar events



tzedek-logo Tzedek

Educational materials in a curricula form linking issues of sustainable development with Jewish values.




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