Creation and Evolution



Ages: Upper Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 4

Suitable for: Schools, families and chedarim

Topics:  Science, Evolution - Torah

Based: Museum with Natural History exhibit

Timeframe: Half-day session


The question of creation and evolution is addressed in this highly innovative programme. Via a comprehensive exploration of fossils, rocks and natural history specimens, the tour analyses the biblical narrative of creation and the scientific theories of evolution. Ideally run as an integrated visit between the secular and Jewish Studies staff,  this trip will address any questions about Science and Religion and complements the new Science National Curriculum. This trip is designed for 10+ and can be run year wide. To get a taster, watch this awe inspiring video by Scientist Carl Sagan



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“Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed your tour in the Natural History Museum, and insight you offered. I think that the students really gained from the content, clarity and warmth of delivery, and certainly came away with a better understanding of the issues.”

- Rabbi Eliezer Zobin, Immanuel College


Should faith schools be able to drop evolution?

Should faith schools be able to drop evolution? (pdf version)

by Simon Rocker, The JC, 19th May 2014




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