Biblical Narratives


Wallace CollectionAges: 7+

Suitable for: Schools, chedarim and community groups

Topics: Literacy and Art - Chumash

Based: School and/or museum/gallery

Timeframe: 3 Sessions


Explore biblical stories through text and art. This progamme consist of an indepth analytical Torah based session, a half day investigation of artistic biblical interpretations  and a hands-on, messy art workshop back in the classroom. This programme can be run entirely at school or in school and at a museum or gallery. This trip is ideal for ages 7+ and can be linked to to Chumash and Parshat Hashavua topics. To get a taster of who we might feature during this programme visit take a look a this artwork by a contemporary Israeli artist Adi Nes.



How to Book: contact us using the online form, email or phone 07973-783-170




“I have been on many school trips and I was really impressed by both the quality and relevance of the talk”

-Vikki, parent chaperone

 From the initial introduction Nic set the tone for what developed into a fascinating and child accessible session at the National Portrait Gallery.

-Jennifer, parent chaperone




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