Ancient Egypt and the Exodus

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Ages 7+

Suitable for: Schools, chedarim, synagogue, family and community groups.

Topics: History – Chagim

Based: School and/or museum with an Ancient Egyptian collection

Timeframe: 3 Sessions


Explore Ancient Egypt and the Exodus from Egypt through Torah text, objects and drama. This programme can be based either all at school or both at school and at the Ancient Egyptian galleries of any museum. Through the exploration of the gory details of mummification, to the importance of the River Nile, students analyse the Exodus story from the Text. To complete the programme, students make their own mummies and sarcophogi. This trip is ideal for ages 7+ and is ideally run just before Pesach. To get a taster of one of the activities click here to have a go at making a mummy!




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Nic Abery was excellent and she interacted with the children extremely well. The content was all really interesting! Really positive feedback from the parents who accompanied the trip.

- Mrs Kanzen, Kerem School


“I loved going to the British Museum and seeing the Egyptian Mummies and it was so much fun making our own mummy out of clay at school.”

-Adino, Michael Sobell Sinai School

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